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Managing Conflict and Advancing Safety

Course Outline

John McKay & Judy McGuire

Frontline Community Safety Strategies teaches practical and proven methods to prevent and deal with public and workplace conflict and violence. We maximize security for employees, service users, worksites and organizations. Based on extensive frontline crisis intervention experience in community settings, this training goes beyond the general guidelines of conflict management to teaching tactics that work in high pressure, unpredictable situations.

“I found the material presented clear, easy to practice and use and relevant for our work”

~ Collingwood Neighbourhood House

A number of training options are available:

  • Managing Conflict: a practical overview that covers all of the basics
  • Critical Incident Management: How to keep yourself safe in a violent situation and how to cope with the after-effects.
  • Understanding Addiction: an overview of the physical, neurological, emotional and behavioural aspects of drug addiction.

Completion of the full training will give workers the tools necessary to:

  • Prevent problems from happening
  • Defuse the situation
  • Disengage from the person
  • Defend yourself if necessary
  • Cope with the stress of critical incidents

“Other front line staff would also find this helpful.”

~ Workshop participant

“The information was provided by experienced front line personnel. It was interesting, timely, and presented with humour. Not a dull moment!”

~ Workshop participant


Managing Conflict gives workers a practical overview of how to Prevent, Defuse, and Disengage from conflict and potentially violent situations.


  • How to set up the workplace to maximize safety
  • How to judge and prevent problems before they start


  • How to judge the potential for aggression
  • Communication skills
  • How to prepare before acting


  • When and how to disengage from a potentially unsafe situation

“Staff went away feeling more empowered.”

~ Britannia Community Centre


Despite the best prevention training, critical incidents can occur. This course is designed for individuals who may encounter physical violence in their worksite or community. The session:

  • Reviews techniques to prevent, defuse and disengage when the potential exists for physical attack;
  • Teaches physical techniques which will  maximize safety in violent situations;
  • Summarizes legal safeguards and implications, plus best practice in documentation;
  • Explains how to obtain support quickly;
  • Provides an overview of the basics for managing stress during and after critical incidents.

Teaching includes physical demonstrations and hands-on training.


Workers dealing with active drug users can run into problems coping with the complexities of addiction. This course provides an overview of the physical, neurological, emotional and behavioural aspects of drug use and addiction. Topics covered include:

  • How various drugs affect the body
  • Addiction is an illness... or is it?
  • How drugs change the brain
  • Why treating addiction faces so many challenges.

“Thanks for providing this training. It was great!!”

~ Workshop participant

For further information or to set up a session, please contact:

Judy McGuire, Cert. ConRes.

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